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Air conditioner failures sometimes happen for various reasons. But in any such situation, SDAC Heating and Air Conditioning ​​specialists are always ready to help, troubleshoot, carry out preventive maintenance, and advise you on how to avoid breakdowns in the future. We offer professional air conditioning repair and installation in Paradise Valley, CA at affordable prices

Many malfunctions in the operation of air condition systems are associated with a lack of timely maintenance: filters, the impeller, and the heat exchanger are not cleaned of dust, and the air conditioning system is not refueled with freon. Also, the operation of unadapted air conditioners in winter and incorrect power calculations often lead to a breakdown. In some situations, a factory defect or poor-quality installation leads to failure.

SDAC Heating and Air Conditioning carries out repairs of air conditioners in Paradise Valley. Clogged filters can be the main cause of a malfunctioning air conditioner. This is due to the operation of the equipment in heavily polluted areas or untimely maintenance.

Also, an insufficient amount of freon can affect the functioning of the air conditioner. Refueling with this substance can only be carried out by an experienced specialist. This procedure should be carried out once or twice every six months. If refueling is not done in time, this can lead to compressor failure and, as a result, air conditioning system failure.

When the air conditioner is working, an air stream constantly moves through the thin plates of the heat exchanger and filters, in which there is a lot of dust. Dust particles settle on the plates, reducing the gaps between them. In addition, a film of condensate and vapors gradually accumulates. The same process occurs with fans and filters. Additional power begins to be spent on air circulation, and as a result, the air conditioner fails. If the filters can still be cleaned on your own, then when working with a fan and a heat exchanger, professional maintenance of air conditioners is indispensable.

Condensate is drained through the drainage system. During the operation of the air conditioner, dust and grease accumulate in the drainage and mold appears. This happens especially quickly in dusty rooms or where the air conditioner is installed incorrectly. If the blockage becomes higher than normal, the split system flows, and subsequently fails.

If you need professional help, our specialists will make high-quality and inexpensive air conditioning repairs and installation in Paradise Valley. We also offer air conditioning maintenance to avoid future breakdowns. The maintenance of air conditioners implies regular diagnostics of the correct operation of the split system (measurement of operating pressure, outlet temperature, control of connections, etc.), as well as a change in operating modes.

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What A/C is right for me?

Every single room or entire building has to be properly examined before any AC system installation. The choice of a correct matching to your individual needs AC system is something we will help you to start with. Our specialists will make sure you remain satisfied with it for long years and a wide variety of our offers will give a strong ground to stand on during the entire project.

What A/C add-ons do I need?

Progress is never staying at one point and we are glad to offer multiple useful and pleasant additions to your existing AC system. Today’s technology will help your HVAC to be no longer old fashioned. Enjoy running your system through a WiFi thermostat simply through your smartphone no matter where you are right now, at work, shopping or on your way home. We are also glad to offer a wealth of air purification systems, that make air in your home even cleaner and of course we can not forget about safety measures with the help of high-tech compressor start kits and condensate safety switches. Simply call us for details!

When can I get my heating system service?

You may not be needing your heater on during most part of the year. But you should always be prepared for cold autumn nights as well as have no worries that your system will give you a failure during the cold period. For this reason we are here to offer a high quality heating system maintenance, installation and repair all year long no matter winter or summer. Schedule it now and avoid any issues with warmth in your home in future.